Organic & Inorganic Pigments


    Organic Pigments

    Aqueous, binder free pigment dispersions & preparations







  • Anitmony Oxide





  • Inorganic Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Transparent Iron Oxide Pigments
  • FDA Compliant Iron Oxides





  • Syloid® & Sylox® Fine Particle Silica Gel for use in Flattening,
    Anti-Block, Anti-Plate Out & Free Flow Agents & Desiccants






  • Bismuth Vandate Complex Colored Pigments







  • Specialty Structured, Calcined, Delaminated & Hydrous Kaolin Clays
  • Untreated Grades of Dry Ground and Wet Ground Calcium Carbonate




  • Non Hazardous, Easily Dispersable, Mineral Fibres for Water and
    Solventborne Systems







  • Universal Colorants

    • ColourFal Zero™






    • Premium Durable Rutile Titanium Dioxide







  • Anti-corrosion Pigments
    American Processed Zinc Oxide

    Organic Inorganic Pigments

    • American Processed Zinc Oxide


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