Special Effects Pigments


  • Industrial & Exterior Automotive Grades of Iriodin® Pearlescent
    Pigments & Special Effect Colorants






  • Syloid® & Sylox® Fine Particle Silica Gel for use in Flattening,
    Anti-Block, Anti-Plate Out & Free Flow Agents & Desiccants
  • Sylosiv® Molecular Sieves for Moisture Scavenging





  • Precision Cut, Color Coated Polyester Film & Aluminum Foil Glitter







  • Aquafoil Waterbased Bronze & Aluminum Pigment (Non-Roofing Grades)
  • Gold and Copper Flake Pigments
  • Stay/Steel Protective Flake Pigments




  • Cadmium Pigments
  • Thermochromic Pigments
  • Fluorescent Pigments
  • Phosphorescent Pigments



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